Worship in Spirit and in Truth is a beautifully presented study guide suitable for groups and individuals who are wanting to explore worship on a deeper level.

Write, learn, share and discuss what it really means to worship God in spirit and in truth.

This study guide is split into seven areas that are fundamental to worshipping God in spirit and in truth. I call these seven areas the ‘7 Gs of Worship’: Glorify; Genuine; Generous; Gifts & Talents; Gain victory; Grace and Gratitude.

These ‘7 Gs of Worship’ are not extensive to all that encompasses worship however, these seven areas enable us to get more of a grasp on what it really means to worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Here’s a short overview of each chapter:

Chapter 1: GLORIFY

Through our worship we glorify and honour the name of Jesus, in the knowledge that He alone is worthy. We glorify God in the truth of who He is and in light of His wonderful character and many attributes.

Chapter 2: GENUINE

Worship that is authentic and shows a willingness to be vulnerable. Worship that desires intimacy with our Creator God. God is Spirit and therefore we must worship Him in Spirit.

Chapter 3: GENEROUS

Worship that is generous and extravagant. We worship God with our whole lives not just on a Sunday morning.

Chapter 4: GIFTS & TALENTS

We worship God creatively, using all of the gifts and talents He has given to us. Exploring other forms of creativity through worship such as dance and art.


Worship is powerful. We gain victory over our our circumstances and over the enemy when we worship.

Chapter 6: GRACE

We come as we are in worship, imperfect but covered by God’s unmerited favour for us. God does not need our worship but He enables us to worship Him and this is a great gift and blessing to us.

Chapter 7: GRATITUDE

Worship that is steeped in thankfulness and stems from a grateful heart. Worship that recognises all that God has done for us and all God is going to do.

In this study we will Explore, Consider and Discuss.

Explore is to examine a passage of scripture and reflecting on what it means.

Consider contains a helpful thoughts and insight from author, Hayley.

Discuss contains questions to prompt and provoke discussion within the group. There is also space to write down your own thoughts and ideas of what God is saying to you.

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