Liebster Award

Ever since I first started blogging, this lady has been a constant encouragement and support to me. I thank God for her love and friendship and if you're not already following the lovely Gail from Gail loves God blog then go do it now cause she's awesome! Thanks for nominating me for this award, Gail.... Continue Reading →

Jesus is

Aren't you just so thankful for Jesus?! I'll never forget the day when I called on the name of Jesus and was instantly filled with this indescribable peace that I'd never before experienced. I soon realised that Jesus was the missing link to my life and the answer for every situation I ever faced. Take... Continue Reading →

Live spontaneous worship

There is no other place I would rather be than in the presence of Jesus! I live for these unrehearsed, unscripted moments of worship. It satisfies my soul and breathes life to my bones. I thought I'd share with you one of these beautiful moments and I pray that you will blessed abundantly! The video... Continue Reading →

The character of God

There is simply no one like our God. God is completely perfect and unchangeable in His ways. Be encouraged by these attributes that define the character of God and be assured that whatever circumstance you are facing - God is in control! Compiled from my latest book 'Worship God in Spirit & in Truth -... Continue Reading →

Good Friday CreateSpace

In my last post New ventures call for new measures, I shared how I had been asked by my Pastor to step into a new role of leadership. The above video is a snippet of the new venture I’m involved in and thought you might like to see! (I’m the one playing the piano, in... Continue Reading →

Home and Dry by Hayley’s Mom

I am delighted to introduce my beautiful Mom, Maureen, to you all. We nearly lost her in May last year and I thank God that He healed her in such a miraculous way. She is the rock of our family and exudes the love of Jesus in every part of her being. I asked her... Continue Reading →

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